Slot machines have been the most played games in casinos around the world for many years. With the burst of Internet there have been developed many online slots casinos with thousands of shapes and forms. Today, you can easily log on to the Internet and be ready to play your favorite games in just a few clicks. The number of options is so large that practically you have no limits on how many different machines a player can play.

The large number of different slot machines can confuse most of the people and it can be both time and money consuming to find the best options. This is especially true for the novice players. Therefore we decided to create this website dedicated to the very best and most popular slot machines which can be found online today, so the new players can get an idea of ​​what they should first try on.

When we recommend slot games we should mention that we have several criteria which the slot machine must meet. Here are the most important of these:

  • Stake Levels: We are looking for slots which could suit to all kinds of budgets. It is important for us that the stakes can be adjusted to low levels so a player could play it for long time with relatively small amounts. We believe that on the first place must be fun and the possibilities to have as much entertainment as possible for your money, right?
  • Gains Opportunities: There are enormous differences between today’s slot machines when it comes to repayment of the players. Some machines pay an average return around 95-99%, while others pay back as little as 85%. We will only recommend slots that pay back more than 95% on average.
  • Theme: It is important that the slot has an entertaining theme that players can immerse themselves in. As mentioned previously as acting gameplay primarily about entertainment, so if the slot machine you choose is not entertaining enough we would recommend to stay away from it. We recommend only slots that have good entertainment value for players.
  • Popularity: One of the best indications we have when we recommend a game is how popular among the other players it is. If a slot machine has lots of good reviews, lots of players and turnover of large sums, this is a clear indication that we are dealing with one of the best machines that can be found on-line.

About us

We’re a bunch of casino and gambling enthusiasts who have played online for years. We have so much experience with everything from online casinos and slot machines, and know well what games provide excellent entertainment value, great winning opportunities and big jackpots. So whether you need advice about which slots are the very best you should read carefully our game reviews.