Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a slot machine developed by Net Entertainment, which is the leading player in the development of online casino games. The slot machine has 5 reels, 25 lines and comes with a progressive jackpot which occasionally grows to great heights. Mega Fortune has paid out many jackpots in the recent years. Among other things, they set a world record when it comes to biggest payout made on an online slot machine in 2013. Then a lucky player from Finlandia won around €17.8 million.

Mega Fortune is one of the slot machines we’ve played for years and we shall describe you in few words why this is one of the slot machines you must visit.

  • Mega Fortune has a very low stakes which start from €0.25 per spin. And even with so little investment you can actually win the big progressive jackpot. Imagine the feeling of playing with so little, but then suddenly find that you have won tens of millions… it is simply indescribable. But it could also be a good idea to raise the stakes on this machine, because as you play with higher stakes, you have higher chances to win the jackpot. The maximum bet is €50.
  • The possibilities which you could use with Mega Fortune slot machine are something you should look after. There are players who experienced in the recent years the feeling to suddenly become multi-millionaires. And some of these players played with such small stakes like €0.25.
  • This slot machine has a beautiful theme that fits well with the big jackpot and all the possibilities to get it. Net Entertainment has added different symbols of many things that you might want to buy if you win. On the reels you could see precious rings, watches, cars, boats and large bundles of banknotes.
  • The popularity of this machine is unbeatable. If you have played slot machines for a while, it would be strange if you have never heard of it. Millions of gamers love this game and describe it as one of their favourites. If you count the progressive jackpot combined with the fact that it’s Net Entertainment which is behind the development of this machine and you will understand why it has so much attention.

As we said before Mega Fortune slot is one of our favorite games. And we are reasonably sure that you would also like the rising excitement when you get to bonus rounds and get the chance to win tens of millions.

Tip: As in every other jackpot games you should play only when the jackpot grown large enough. This is why we choose to wait until it has passed the half a million Euro. By doing this we have a chance to win enough, according to our bets. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the greater the effort you put per round, the greater chance you have of winning the jackpot.